Passport to Puerto Vallarta

That's sunny* Puerto Vallarta pictured above, a tantalizing image on this rainy, dreary morning. But you don't have to just daydream, because Rosa Mexicano is giving away a three-night trip to the Mexican resort town as part of its Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Getaway festival.

Here's the deal: Head to the Penn Quarter restaurant from Sept. 7-16 and dine on chef James Muir's regional specialties from Puerto Vallarta, like huachinango Vallarta (red snapper with palm green herbs sauce, sautéed spinach and hoja santa) and CocoChoco (bittersweet chocolate covered coconut parfait). While you're there, fill out an entry form for the trip.

If you're so lucky as to win, you'll get airfare and luxurious accommodations for three nights for two people and dinner for two at the celebrated Los Xitomates restaurant.

*Nevermind that Puerto Vallarta has its very own hurricane passing through right now. I'm sure it will be gone by the time you win the trip.

Rosa Mexicano
575 Seventh St. NW


Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda, Did you read the comment on Tom's chat last week about Washington DC food scene not even comparing to San Francisco? Would love to see what you think?

Amanda said...

I'd agree with Tom on the "where's this person been eating?" part. And this responder made a good comeback: "SanFran chatter -- our food here is bad? Have you eaten at minibar? Corduroy? The Galileo Grill at lunch or Restaurant Eve at dinner? Have you tried the prosciutto at Dino, the steak sandwich at Agraria, the cheese plate at Firefly? Chicken at Palena? The duck fat fries at Blue Duck Tavern? Even the handroll bento at Teaism?"

I'd give it to the chatter that DC may be a little behind - after all, we didn't have in our backyard the mother of seasonal, organic, California cuisine, Alice Waters, who has shaped what so many American restaurants serve today.

But where DC may have been ages behind 10 years ago, the food scene is certainly moving at warp speed. And many of our best chefs seem to love the city so much they're opening second restaurants (see Cathal Armstrong, Michel Richard, Robert Wiedmaier, and even more for Jose Andres).

You can certainly eat poorly in DC. But isn't that true of any city?