To Do: Try Rattlesnake, Llama and Gator

TasteDC will host its first Unique and Unusual Food and Wine Fest on Oct. 25, featuring an impressive roster of area chefs and creative dishes. At the walk-around event, you can sample dishes like llama sliders with bleu cheese and rosemary red onion jam, alligator étouffée and rattlesnake gumbo with sassafras scented rice.

The event will be held at The Whittemore House, at 1526 New Hampshire Ave. NW from 6:30-9 p.m. For tickets and a complete list of chefs and their dishes, click here. Tickets cost $75 online, $90 at the door.

A sampling of what's on the evening's menu:

* Jerk frog legs with Jamaican spices, and Caribbean tripe stew with grilled bananas prepared by Tabaq Bistro executive chef Daniel Labonne.

* Terrine de tête de veau, and boudin rouge, black mission fig and goat cheese strudel from Restaurant Kolumbia executive chef Jamie Stachowski.

* Wild boar and smoked goat cheese rotie, and opakapaka (pink snapper) and conch à la nage with roasted red pepper rouille from Viridian chef de cuisine Jeffrey Orel.


tommy said...

Sounds like a fun event. Especially with the price of llama skyrocketing at the local safeway and everyone looking askance when I try to order panda at a restaurant - this may indeed be my best shot at getting the exotic food my palatte requires.

TasteDC said...

Thanks, Amanda!
Love your first commenter - I guess this event is "not" Vegan friendly - Sorry;;-) And finally, everyone can have balls - YIPPEEE!!!

Amanda said...

I forgot to include that you'll be offering wines from little known regions. Maybe you can fill us in more, TasteDC.

TasteDC said...

Most likely:
Okuzgozu, Elazig,
Bogazkere, Diyarbakir
(2 wines from Turkey) and various wines from Georgia (Eastern Europe), Greece, Hungary and possibly Tasmania...this is a first-time event - it is a learning process for me, TasteDC, DC food and wine lovers and the chefs as well...hopefully, people will understand that it makes no sense to talk about "sustainability" relating to the food supply and in the same sentence say how disgusting organ meats are...if you eat an animal, eat all of it...OK, off my soapbox!!

It's a pretty "high brow" event - you may notice that each dish listed is treated like something you would ask for in a restaurant. Admittedly, the event is not for everyone...but if you fear something because it "might" taste "funny" or "weird" this may be a great way to explore new "tastes"!