CakeLove and Busboys in Shirlington

I may be coming to the conversation a little late, but I just learned that CakeLove and Busboys and Poets are both slated to open in the Village at Shirlington.

CakeLove owner Warren Brown says on his blog that the new location "will be kind of a cross between CakeLove on U St. and Love Cafe. It' about 1,200 square feet which is big enough for a few tables and chairs along with all of our baking equipment. The menu will consist of the whole cakes for pick-up and walk-ins, slices of cakes, cupcakes + our cake-like pastries, coffee and espresso, and a limited selection of sandwiches and salads."

And there's big news from Brown for the cold cake critics out there (and you know who you are): "[I]f anyone wants a cupcake with the frosting soft and right out of the mixer, we'll have that too. We're toying with the idea of frosting all the cupcakes per order—just like ice cream is served—so the cake is handed over when it's creamy and fluffy."

The Village at Shirlington is located in Arlington, just off 395 on the Glebe Road/Shirlington exit.