Good Causes: Sugar and Champagne

Animal lovers, mark your calendars. Next Tuesday, Jan. 23, is the 5th annual Sugar and Champagne Affair, an event created by Todd and Ellen Gray of Equinox to benefit the Washington Humane Society's Law Enforcement and Humane Education Programs.

Animal lovers and the dogs who love them will gather at the Hotel Palomar from 7 to 9 p.m. The humans will be treated to sparkling wines, champagne and desserts from the area’s top pastry chefs. Canines will feast on people-looking treats like carob cake and iced biscuits from Doggie Style Bakery.

The event honors the city's animal cops who fight animal abuse, a heart-wrenching and honorable job.

Tickets are $75 per person and can be purchased by calling 202.723.5730 ext. 204. A VIP reception will be held in one of Hotel Palomar’s suites with canapés prepared by Todd Gray and Chef Richard Brandenburg of Urbana. The cost is $200 and includes admission to the event.

Need dinner before dessert? Urbana is also offering a two-course dinner with wine pairings for $175, which includes admission to the event.

Participating restaurants and chefs include 100 King (Denis Soriano), Artisan Confections (Jason Andelman), Bebo Trattoria (Roberto Donna), Berliner Specialty Distributors, Café Saint-Ex/Bar Pilar (Lizzy Evelyn), Cowgirl Creamery, Doggie Style Bakery, Equinox (Melanie Parker), Firefly (John Wabeck), IndeBleu (Vikram Garg), Lebanese Taverna (Homayon Karimy), Marcel’s (Pradeep), Market Salamander (Jeffrey Potter), Michel Richard Citronelle (Michel Richard), Notti Bianchi/Dish (Heather Chittum), Restaurant Eve (Todd Thrasher), Taberna del Alabardero (Santi Zabaleta), Urbana (Richard Brandenburg), and Vidalia (Caitlin Kelly).

Metrocurean's official mascot, Banjo (at right), would like you to know how fun it was last year. He met lots of good-looking lady dogs. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

For more information, visit sugarandchampagne.com .


Italian Chef said...

Now That's A Good Cause!!

Spiral Stairs said...

I think our Pomeranian, Wesley, would hit it off famously with Banjo. Wesley could be Banjo's wingman as they hit on the (literal) b----es. Unfortunately, Wesley's new brother, a five-month-old human being, will force Wesley to miss meeting Banjo and the b----es.

Amanda said...

Thanks for making the b*tches joke for me. I decided not to put it in the obvious spot above. =)

But congrats on the lil bro, Wesley, and sorry you can't work the crowd with Banjo.

Anonymous said...

Will and I are going with Charlie! I hope she doesn't spaz out too much. Melissa

jburka said...

It's a pity that Ophelia just Does Not Play Well With Others. We'd both love the eats, but she'd be trying to take down every other dog in the room.

Amanda said...

Aw, Ophelia! She probably wouldn't be the only one. =)

Spiral Stairs said...

Any reports? Did Wesley miss anything? Any drunken canine hook-ups? Any dogs embarrass themselves by sniffing the wrong butt? Confusion about whether it was okay to pee on a table leg?

Amanda said...

Oh my. People eating dog food. Dogs eating people food. Let me tell you, it was a wild night. We left when the chihuahua contingent broke out the tequila body shots.

But seriously, save a few pee and poops, a fun time seemed to be had by all. Todd Thrasher's sparkling mojito with housemade mint bitters was da bomb, as was Firefly's Mexican hot chocolate topped with salted almonds. Banjo was a fan of Saint-Ex's dog biscuits, made by pastry chef Lizzy Evelyn. He buried one under the table for safe keeping.

Banjo's still sleeping it off.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I went to that event last year as an intern with DC STYLE! It was a great night and the food was amazing..however it was a little difficult to tell the doggie treats from the human treats :(