Restaurant Week Extensions, Better Than Hair Extensions

Restaurant Week officially ended Sunday (so how was it for you?), but there's plenty of time to get your cheap eat on, thanks to a slew of extensions.

Leading the pack, Urbana is extending its $30.07 three-course dinner menu through March 31.

Others include:
Butterfield 9 through Jan. 21 (lunch and dinner)
Cabanas through Jan. 21 (lunch and dinner)
Colvin Run Tavern through Jan. 31 (lunch and dinner)
Dino through Jan 31 (dinner)
IndeBleu through Jan. 17 (dinner) and Jan. 19 (lunch)
Nick's Riverside Grille through Jan. 21 (lunch and dinner)
OYA through Jan. 31 (lunch and dinner)
PS 7's through Jan. 31 (lunch and dinner)

Know of others? (The GOG Blog has a few more.) Post them in the comment section.


avocadoinparadise said...

The Oval Room is extending their special through Jan. 21. I went there for a great dinner last Monday. Yum. Great coliflower soup and choc mousse. And the entree was good too.

Also forgot my umbrella in their rack. But that probably wasn't related to the food.

Amanda said...

Umbrella stands are trouble. Unless it's still pouring, the chances of forgetting the umbrella are great.

Glad you liked Oval Room and thanks for posting the extension. The chef there is a real talent.

Mel said...

SWEET!!! Thanks for sharing the list!

Anonymous said...

Last I heard, Tracy O'Grady over at Willow is extending her Restaurant Week menu for a 2nd week.

Jason said...

Urbana's website is somewhat... lacking in content. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mie N Yu also is doing an extended restaurant week. I had a nice dinner there on Saturday, but it wasn't that cheap thanks to the pricey wine list. I blogged about it too - www.dcgastronome.blogspot.com
Best, Leah