Five Bites on Friday

Metrocurean reader Lindsay lets us in on her Five Bites this week.

1. Charcuterie board at Sonoma

2. Grilled burger with cheddar cheese and sweet potato fries at Cafe Saint-Ex

3. O'Berry Juice at the Juice Joint

4. Chicken pot pie at Viridian

5. Swedish meatballs at W Domku

Five Bites is a weekly opportunity for you to tell Metrocurean readers which dishes you're enjoying around town. Send your list and whether you'd like your name and a pic included to metrocurean@gmail.com.

1 comment:

PalacePool said...

Agreed on the Charcuterie from Sonoma. The uber tasty dwarf white peaches brined in truffle oil is to die for. Anyone know if you can buy them anywhere in the city?