Five Bites on Friday

Fellow blogger Andrew Stover of ChiefWino sends in this week's Five Bites. Stover is also the sommelier at OYA. (That's him at right tasting wine at O. Fournier in Mendoza, Argentina.) Read more about his work with wine in this Examiner piece from Thursday.

1. Bombay burrito at Indebleu

2. Tuna tempura roll at OYA Restaurant & Lounge

3. Charbroiled oysters at Johnny's Half Shell

4. Patatas bravisimas (potatoes, spicy tomato sauce, aioli) at Kyma Restaurant in Annapolis (sister to Mie N Yu)

5. Pan roasted wild mushroom salad with frisee, applewood bacon and poached farm egg at Circle Bistro

Five Bites is a weekly opportunity for you to tell Metrocurean readers which dishes you're enjoying around town. Send your list and whether you'd like your name and a pic included to metrocurean@gmail.com.


Spiral Stairs said...

These lists make me envious. I wish Metrocurean included a "Two Bites" feature for those of us with babies who never get to eat out anymore. Mine would be:

1. Pani Puri at Woodlands (Langley Park)
2. Dosas at Woodlands (Langley Park)

(Only ate out once! (And didn't cook anything worth mentioning.))

Amanda said...

Aw, how long before the wee one might become an easy dining companion?

Jason said...

I was intrigued by the 'bombay burrito', but I couldn't find it on any of the Indebleu menus. How can I get one?

spiral stairs said...

From what I understand, they don't get "easy" for years. He's actually not in a bad phase now (six months), but he can't quite stay stable in a high chair yet. There's also the whole thing of him going to bed at 8PM. (Secretly, my wife and I are homebodies who use the baby as an excuse for our laziness. But don't tell anyone.)

Amanda said...

Not sure if it's currently on the menu (do you know, Andrew?), but I found a nifty interview with chef Vikram Garg on Food&Wine.com where he mentions it, as well as his love of Zaytinya:

Andrew said...

Hey im pretty sure its on their Tantra Lounge menu for the first level. Chef Garg whipped one up for me a few weeks ago while I was there visiting their sommelier.