Get Your Mardi Gras On

If you head out on the town tonight to celebrate Fat Tuesday (check out events here), remember that the Crescent City still needs plenty of help, so here are a few ideas:

1. Visit! Tourism helps drive the city's economy, so eat out at as many restaurants as you can afford to. I can't wait to try Cochon (the year of the pig has officially started, after all).

2. Help create playspaces for children through

3. Volunteer or make a donation to the Musician's Village. And support music through Music Maker's New Orleans Musicians Fund.

Speaking of musicians (shameless family plug ahead), if you do head down to New Orleans, check out my little bro's band, Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship (pictured below), which was recognized by the Gambit as one of the 10 best new sounds coming out of the city. Check out a few tracks and scheduled shows here (says the beaming big sis).