P Street Whole Foods Gets Sushi Bar

Shoppers at the Whole Foods Market on P Street may have noticed that the old Jamba Juice-turned-coffee-bar space is under construction. The store expects to unveil a new sushi bar in that space in March, serving bento boxes and a variety of sushi.

Thanks to Michael for the tip!

(Photo from wholefoodsmarket.com.)


iced coffee said...

I was wondering what the construction was; I noticed that they are now opening later to accommodate the construction.

Does this mean that there will no longer be a coffee bar? I really like their iced coffee (but hate the long and very, very slow line).

Anonymous said...

Why not a charcuterie case? I want meat! Someone could get rich opening a decent charcuterie in the 17th St./14th St./Logan area. I'm not kidding. I'll back you.

Anonymous said...

I recently asked one of the cashiers what was going on with all the construction? She replied, "I don't know what their doing?" A few moments later she said, "They're putting in a sushi bar." I guess it slipped her mind. LOL.

MonkeyBoy said...

On the note of Sushi, does anyone know when Cherry Blossoms on the 1900 block of 18th St NW is opening?