Peruvian Chef Sets Sights on D.C.

It's about 14 degrees in Washington right now. In Lima, Peru, it's 80. Anyone want to go to Peru?

Even if you're trapped at your desk, take solace in this little piece of sunny news: Food&Wine reports that one of Peru's best known chefs, Gastón Acurio, plans to open a branch of La Mar Peruvian Cebichería in Washington soon. (No location is mentioned.) It's a concept the chef hopes to roll out internationally in his quest to bring Peruvian cuisine to the world. "The tuna seviche with tamarind leche de tigre (chile, lime, red onion and cilantro) is not to be missed," according to the magazine.

The chef owns numerous restaurants in Peru and South America. You can read a translated interview with him here, and check out Acurio giving Anthony Bourdain a tour around Lima in this (long) clip from Bourdain's show "No Reservations" (fast forward to 3:50 to see Bourdain and Acurio meet up):