Wine and Cigars for Columbia Heights

Columbia Heights News reports that De Vinos, the year-old Adams Morgan wine shop, will open a second store, dubbed "d'vines", in the Kenyon Square condo building (pictured).

D'vines will offer more than "1,000 wine labels and 240 varieties of artisan and craft beers (plus an exclusive selection of cigars), all hand-picked by the owners and managers, in an appealing and well-laid out, 1,390-square-foot space in the southern half of the building," according to the release posted on the site.

The wine shop will join several restaurants expected to open in the Columbia Heights and Petworth neighborhoods, including Red Rocks, a pizza joint at Park Road and 11th Street, The Red Derby, a restaurant/bar at 3718 14th St. NW, Mayorga Coffee, and The Heights at 14th and Kenyon.


Amanda said...

And thanks to a tip from The Prince of Petworth, I should add the recently opened El Limeno to the Petworth news...
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Emma Martin said...

thanks to Adams Morgan. one new shop with great collection of wine and cigar. i have checked many of them. i think it is a great place to buy cigars .

Swisher Sweets said...

I think I should be in that place. I am sure I will enjoy all the wines and cigars in that amazing place. I wonder how many cigars they have.