Product Watch: Bacon Mints

They always get you at the cash register. Those cleverly packaged, point-of-purchase products prey of your impulsive nature. And so it was at Pulp last week, when I couldn't help but succumb to these timely and shockingly smelly bacon mints.

They smell, no, they reek like bacon bits, and so will your fingers after you've handled them.

And the taste? Did you really think I bought them to eat? No, just to laugh at and show off to company. But I did eat one. And only one. They taste like mint coated in faux bacon flavoring. Mmmm. Strips of gummy bacon were also for sale at the counter.

Uncle Oinker's Savory Bacon Mints
$3.25 per tin
Available at Pulp

(Metrocurean photos.)


Spiral Stairs said...

These just sound gross, and I do not say that in relation to pork-flavored things very often.

On the other hand, at Taste of the Nation last year, I had a bacon-and-chocolate dessert made by Greggory Hill that -- against all my expectations -- was excellent. So who am I to judge?

jeffro said...

Jeffrey Steingarten would love these!

PalacePool said...

The More Bacon the Better!

A friend who knows my affinity for the cured meat provided me with this gag-gift for my bday


Amanda said...

I need to get me some of those bacon band-aids.

clfoster said...

The Grateful Palate not only has a bacon of the month club and bacon car fresheners, but also sells bacon toilet paper. Great gag gift. www.gratefulpalate.com
The Bacon Mints are delish! I bought them right away!

Heather said...

I just stumbled across your site via a link I found on iheartbacon. I'm a fellow DC-based food blogger (my particular focus is bacon), so thought I'd drop in and say hi! Great blog!