Reservation for Two, Please

Zaytinya has long been a favorite of mine, especially when I'm looking to impress out-of-town guests on a limited budget. The wrench in those plans, however, has always been the predictably long wait for a table.

But that's changing thanks to a new reservations policy, announced on Zaytinya's web site. Previously, the restaurant (at right) only accepted reservations until 6:30 p.m. for dinner. The restaurant is now taking a limited number of reservations throughout the evening. "We hope this will encourage some of our guests to plan their evening with us and avoid an extended wait," the announcement states.

Bravo on the new policy, Zaytinya!

Meanwhile, Zaytinya's newly relocated sibling, Oyamel (where the grasshopper tacos have been flying out of the kitchen), is also taking reservations.

(Photo by Maxwell MacKenzie.)