Eastern Market Fire Hits Food Vendors Hardest

The fire that swept through historic Eastern Market early this morning most seriously damaged the South Hall, home to numerous food vendors and the popular Market Lunch.

According to The Washington Post, Mayor Adrian Fenty said the city will try to find the cheese, meat and produce sellers a temporary home while the market is repaired.

Footage from Fox5 shows charred food display cases, black debris littering the floor and damage to the ceiling.

Luckily no one was in the building at the time of the fire, according to reports.


Cherisse said...

That's upsetting. I went over there recently, and wanted to go again this week. At least no one was hurt. I am glad Mayor Fenty is trying to assist the vendors.

Monica said...

Several local bars and restaurants are going to offer some of their proceeds from Tuesday May 8th to help rebuild Eastern Market. A list of the participating bars are listed here (more are being added as other places sign on): http://www.easternmarketrescue.com/

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting that, monica!