Recycle ... Your Pickle Juice

A special Metrocurean PSA...

Earth Day is Sunday, and yeah, yeah, we know, "green is the new black." Every magazine sitting on my coffee table is packed with tips like use compact fluorescent bulbs (check), buy a $7,000 eco-friendly mattress (not gonna happen) and wear organic cotton clothing (ok).

Metrocurean's jumping on the bandwagon.

I've already professed my love of Rick's Picks Mean Beans. Now I offer a thrifty recycling tip, inspired by a suggestion on Rick's Web site. Once you've crunched your last pickled bean, save the brine and the jar and toss in a new vegetable. The company suggests carrots. I went with the traditional cucumber (pictured above).

I've always aspired to make my very own pickles, but every time I read instructions, I lose steam at the part about sterilizing, and visions of giving my loved ones botulism scare me off. With this cheat, I had spicy cucumber pickles in a few days. I love a good shortcut.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle your pickle juice.

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(Metrocurean photo.)