Summer in a Bucket

Days like today make it painful to sit in front of a computer, with daydreams wandering to cocktails by the waterside.

One of the best spots for sipping and supping al fresco is Indigo Landing on Daingerfield Island, thanks to its spacious deck and outdoor bar (pictured) overlooking the water. To usher in summer, chef Bryan Moscatello will offer buckets of seafood (like fried oysters and clams), hushpuppies, shrimp corn dogs, fries and beers on ice starting in May. Prices for the buckets will range from $6 to $18.

You'll just need an excuse to leave the office early. Here's a whole list.

(Photo courtesy of Indigo Landing.)


Anonymous said...

Chef Bryan Moscatello is no longer working at Indigo Landing.

Amanda said...

Sounds like he's been promoted to oversee the kitchens at both Indigo and Zola (which are owned by the same group).

Anonymous said...

It doesn't come as a surprise that he was promoted. Before he or they took over that place, it was terrible. Now it is my favorite spot. I can't wait to see what he can do at Zola, although I had always been a fan of the scene,decor and service, the food missed a few times.

Amanda said...

It was made official with an announcement today that Bryan is now executive chef of Indigo, Zola and Spy City Cafe (all Star Restaurant Group).

Anonymous said...

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