WasabiSito Opens In Arlington

WasabiSito, the first of many planned offshoots of downtown's Wasabi, opened today at 3129 Lee Hwy.

The new sushi spot is primarily a takeout restaurant but also offers limited seating. On the modern Japanese menu: a variety of sushi rolls, salad boxes, hot dishes like chicken teriyaki and a few fusion items that reflect executive chef Miguel Choy's Asian/Latin American background, such as salmon anticucho. A kids menu includes vegetarian sushi and fish nuggets.

And we can expect to see more Wasabi offspring popping up. The Washington Business Journal's Erin Killian reported back in January that Wasabi CEO Bo Davis was planning four more establishments in the D.C. area, including Arlington's new outpost, Adams Morgan and possibly F Street Northwest. Davis plans to take the contemporary sushi concept national, according to the story.

Look for WasabiSito's delivery to start in mid-May. To read more about Wasabi, which opened in July 2006, click here.

3129 Lee Hwy.
Arlington, Va.


mary said...

Have you been to Wasabi? It's terrible. I was really excited about it after checking out their luxurious website. I planned a mystery date with my boyfriend who loves sushi. Imagine how I felt when we sat at the go around eating sushi that tasted like it was more appropriate to a cafeteria. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Is it opening in the shopping center with the Giant, CVS, and Italian Store? I live down the street and go there all the time (was just at the Giant last night actually), and never saw Wasabi going up. It will be nice to have cheap sushi so close to home!

Amanda said...

Anon - It's in Lyon Village, so yes, I think that's the same shopping center:

Mary - I haven't made it in yet, but I hear from people who really like it and those who don't. What didn't you like about the sushi?

mary said...

The fish didn't taste fresh, or like anything at all for that matter. And the rice was bland. I got the feeling that the sushi on the belt had been there for awhile. The peruvian chicken dish that eveyone raves about (I forget what it's called) was quite tasty, but not worth a trip.

That's my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, just for the record we buy the highest quality fish you can get in DC. From exactly the same suppliers as Sushi Ko, Kaz, etc. I am very sorry if you caught us on an off day or something but hope you will try us again.

Glad you liked the chicken :-)

-- Bo Davis