Irish Pub May Replace Cloud in Dupont

Time to trade the white beds and gauzy curtains for dark wood and Guinness signs.

The Dupont Current
reports that an Irish pub called James Hoban's has applied for an alcohol license to fill the space left vacant by the February closing of Cloud at 1 Dupont Circle. Cloud's liquor license was revoked after a stabbing on its dance floor. (Read the City Paper's report of the suspension here.)

The planned pub's name comes from the Irish architect who designed the White House.

Cloud replaced Savino's Cafe and Lounge in February 2005. Italian restaurateur and chef Savino Recine, who also owns Primi Piatti and Finemondo, was behind both concepts. However, as of a year ago, Recine no longer included Cloud in his restaurant portfolio when addressing a group of food writers at dinner.


Ballerina K said...

oh wow i had no idea cloud closed!

Doug said...

If DC is anything like NY, the last thing a city needs is another Irish Pub. All that darkness makes me depressed.

PalacePool said...

Irish pubs have there place, but do we really need to have two of them on the same circle?

Anonymous said...

THAT's why Cloud closed?? I had no idea! I live right down the street from there and my friends and I have been wondering

I hope this is a decent Irish pub...any word on whether or not it will serve food? Good Irish Pub food would be great. Although we already have Biddy Mulligans in the area...would have prefered some other type of restaurant that would be unique to the area....Scandanavia or Portegous...something new and exiciting!

Amanda said...

It's planning to serve food. According to the Current, the owner also owns O'Faolain's in Sterling.

Homer said...

I agree, Dupont Circle doesn't need another Irish pub. What it needs is a brewpub! The only one that is in DC is CapCity (blah) over on H St, esp. now that the Heurich Brewery is closed.

Was just in Vancouver and had some good beer at the Granville Island Brewery.

Simple menu and good beer and outdoor patio.