Congrats RAMMY Winners

The winners of the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington's annual awards were announced last night in the boa-packed ballroom of the Wardman Park Marriott. Pictured above, chef Cathal Armstrong (third from left) receives the Chef of the Year award from chefs Roberto Donna, Jeff Tunks and Jeff Buben.

And the winners are...

New Restaurant: Rasika

Fine Dining Restaurant: CityZen

Informal Dining Restaurant: Tallula

Chef of the Year: Cathal Armstrong of Restaurant Eve, Eamonn's and The Majestic

Pastry Chef: Huw Griffiths of the Tabard Inn

Wine and Beverage Program: Restaurant Eve

Rising Culinary Star: Nathan Beauchamp of 1789

Hottest Bar Scene: Zaytinya

Power Spot: Georgia Brown's

Neighborhood Gathering Place: Sonoma

People's Favorite: Lebanese Taverna

Restaurant Employee: David Voorhees, 2941

Restaurant Manager: Ellen Kassoff Gray, Equinox

(Photo courtesy Michael Birchenall.)


MonkeyBoy said...

People's favorite Lebanese Taverna??!?! Which people did they ask?

Rebecca said...

A lot of good ones on that list, but seems like a lot out in VA. Bummer!

Allen said...

While there are certainly many other viable candidates for "people's favorite", I don't think one can argue with Lebanese Taverna. Just ate at the Arlington branch on Saturday, and it was as delicious and cozy as ever.

But I will say I would never have thought of Georgia Brown's as a power spot. Even though I've not been there in years, it's hard to believe it could have transformed into the new Palm.

Allen said...

Oh, by the way, in response to monkeyboy's question, the "people they asked" were... anyone (public voting category). So the people whose favorite is Lebanese Taverna are those who took the trouble to vote in this open category of the RAMMYs. Just for the record, that didn't include me.

Amanda said...

I hear Georgia Brown's is a major hangout for local politicians.

Michael said...

places like the Palm have their "pr loud" crowds ... but apparently Georgia Brown's has a more diverse power feel -- more of a "rainbow room" as the owner said at the awards ... surprised me, but any public vote (for restaurant or president) needs a strong network that can get out the vote and Lebanese Taverna and Capital Restaurant Concepts (GB's owners) are in touch with their customers

Anonymous said...

Basically my thought is Lebanese Taverna has about 8 locations. They have all their staff, family & friends vote and there you go. Not a great indicator of the People's actual favorite. Go figure.