Second Agraria On The Way

It's been just more than a year since Agraria opened on Georgetown's waterfront, and Metrocurean recently heard that a second location is planned for 1900 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

According to the parent company's web site, the second outpost is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2008. An agreement was reached in April to lease the 8,750 square foot space. Initial plans for the farmer-backed restaurant concept called for five locations across the country.

The restaurant, which is owned by farmers, got off to a rocky start when the original chef left days before the opening. Ricky Moore, who has worked at Galileo, Vidalia and Equinox, was named chef a few weeks later and is still manning the kitchen.

Read more about Agraria's concept here.


Shaw Rez said...

Interesting! While the space itself was neat, I was not impressed with my meal at the waterfront Agragria when I went in Spring 2006. I should give it another try before discounting it altogether, but I'm surprised that the waterfront location has been successful enough to justify opening a second location somewhat nearby.

JNo said...

I second that. Kind of odd, maybe they have lots of $$?