An Exclusive "Space" in Shaw

Renew Shaw (aka the blogger formerly known as Remaking le Slum Historique) has the goods on a new private club reportedly opening tonight in Shaw called The Space.

Set in an old carriage house at 903 N St. NW, the club claims to be a "loft style lounge with the feel of a home. For work, play, or simple relaxing." The Space was previously rented out for various events.

The club lists among its membership benefits: complimentary appetizers and a nightly cocktail hour, concierge services, free Wi-Fi, members-only events including art shows, fashion and music, and a private terrace available for parties.

There's no mention of the cost of membership, but you know what they say: If you have to ask... There's an application on the site that requests a photo (for security purposes), asks about your favorite national or international restaurants, vacation destinations and bars/clubs (extra points for international answers?), and about charity involvement.

Commenters on Renew Shaw have mixed opinions on the concept. What do you think?