Fabio Says Arrivederci to Maestro and DC

Word on the street for some time now has hinted that Fabio Trabocchi (at right), the celebrated chef of Maestro, would soon leave to open a restaurant of his own in Northern Virginia. For my own selfish reasons, I was hoping the rumored new spot would be as close as possible to downtown.

When I said "downtown," I meant D.C. — not Manhattan.

Word came late this afternoon via e-mail and text message that Trabocchi had resigned and would leave Maestro in two weeks. A fuller picture of the story comes from a "food flash" from The Washington Post's Tom Sietsema. According to Sietsema, Trabocchi is heading to New York to join Fiamma Osteria.

And just when we thought all the big chefs were setting their sights on lil' ol' D.C. (thanks Eric Ripert, Wolfgang Puck and Laurent Tourondel), we lose one of our greatest talents to the Big Apple.

But Sietsema indicates the move might not be permanent. (Is anything?) Read up for more details.


Anonymous said...

and I never even got to eat there. :(

Anonymous said...

Does he leave in 2 weeks or is his last day August 18? There is a big difference, especially for those who still want to try to get there one last time.

Anonymous said...

Trabocchi will continue at the restaurant until mid September

Amanda said...

This just in from the Ritz-Carlton's press release:
"The restaurant has begun an immediate search for Trabocchi's successor, however Trabocchi will continue as Chef de Cuisine until the new chef is hired in mid September."

But note, the restaurant takes an annual vacation Aug. 21-Sept. 10.