Five Bites on Friday

Metrocurean reader Lisa Davis offers this week's Five Bites. (My apologies for the Five Bites delay today. I've been on planes all morning.) And without further ado ...

1. French toast with applewood smoked bacon and housemade syrup at Bar Pilar

2. Spicy scallop roll at Spices

3. Drunken noodles with seafood at Regent Thai

4. Tacos con carnitas at Taqueria Distrito Federal

5. Goat cheesecake with cherries and port wine sauce at Palena

Five Bites is a weekly opportunity for you to tell Metrocurean readers which dishes you're enjoying around town. E-mail five of your favorite dishes or drinks and whether you'd like your name and a picture included to metrocurean@gmail.com.


Claire said...

I adore Spices' Spicy Scalop Roll - it's a little party in my mouth :) I've not been hugely impressed with some of their other sushi, though - where can a girl go to get some good raw fish in this town???

Amanda said...

Have you tried Kaz Sushi Bistro?