New: Metrocurean Polls

A blogger's gotta keep up with the blogging Joneses, so I've added a new poll feature to the sidebar. You'll see it right below the welcome message.

This week's poll requests your feedback on Restaurant Week, which officially ended Sunday night. So take a quick second out of your busy day, and let us all know what you think. I'll change the question regularly and report on results. If no one votes, well, then I'll ditch the whole idea.

Have a D.C. restaurant-related poll question you'd like to suggest? Leave it in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Aykan said...

I never do Restaurant Week and never will, neither as a customer nor at my Restaurant.
I believe it lost its main purpose.

Anonymous said...

A couple of restaurants near me (Mio and Il Mulino) have extended their restaurant week menu for another week.

dcfoodie said...

I unfortunately had to schedule a business lunch during RW, and as a result had a heck of a time finding a table anywhere in my neighborhood (Gallery Place). We ended up at Zola, and it was quite nice, actually, despite the late reservation time and crowds.

Amanda said...

Thanks for chiming in, Aykan.

anon: Mio has been really good on my visits. Have you been?

dcfoodie: I had the same experience on Saturday night, trying to figure out where to go that wasn't doing RW since it was a last minute plan.