Poll Results: No Names By A Nose

While most of you (a full 50 percent) don't care if a server gives a name when you're eating out, those of you who do care seem to feel pretty strongly about the issue. (See original post here.)

Of voters who had an opinion, 28 percent preferred to leave names out of the dining experience, while 20 percent like the server to give his or her name.

An anonymous commenter writes that servers giving their names is "so pointless, and hints of eating at a T.G. McFunster's Family Food Bag chain. How much 'flair' are they required to sport before getting on a first name basis with me? Are we to be friends now? Will he/she stay in touch after the meal?"

Hoogrrl echoes that sentiment and writes: "When I go out for a meal with someone, I am usually at the restaurant to be with the person I came with. I didn't come there to make friends with the server. Therefore, personal information is just not necessary. This is a huge personal peeve, about which I have railed for a long time."

On the flip side of the coin, another anonymous commenter says that giving a name "is about ownership and accountability. If you gave great service, I know who to ask for next time and who to give credit to when I get good service."

Thanks to all who voted and left thoughts in the comment section. Any restaurant owners out there care to reveal your policy now that you know where a (small and unscientific) blog sample stands?