Poll Results: Restaurant Week

Thanks to everyone who cast a vote in Metrocurean's inaugural poll. Thirty-four percent of you don't seem to be fans of Restaurant Week. But 52 percent of vote-casters either loved it or thought it was all right.

For the dissenters, what could restaurants do better? Or is it the crowds that turn you off?

Stay tuned for the next poll.


Anonymous said...

I have had more bad experiences at Restaurant week than good. But what I have been doing lately is going back to the places that do it well. TenPenh and New Heights are two places that really seem to do it well and are worth a visit.

Amanda said...

Right - I think that Restaurant Week has been around long enough that it's fairly easy to find out which places do it well and avoid those that don't.

Anonymous said...

The trick is to do your research, find the places that DON'T limit you to 2-3 choices per course, that DON'T have many - and preferably have none - upgrades, and be willing to eat at the bar after 1:15 if you're dining alone. ALSO to do the RW menu at places offering it in the weeks before and after RW. This year it seems more restaurants than ever did that.
Also, if you're watching your dollars, then don't buy alcohol with your meal. Do what I do, get ice tea - you get free refills (unlike sodas & booze).

gpliving said...

I don't find restaurant week prices to be that much of a "deal." With some restaurants, you could order all of the items a la carte and come out maybe a couple of dollars over the restaurant week price.

Then, there's the problem with looking at the real menu and thinking that I would have spent an extra $3 to have an item not on the restaurant week menu.

Anonymous said...

Your surveys are fun but the font colors are really hard to read.

Amanda said...

I know, and it's frustrating. Blogger just added this feature and it doesn't appear that I can customize it. That's how it showed up. I'm hoping they'll improve it soon.

If any hackers out there know how to customize the poll widget, let me know!