It's A Wine Bar Boom

Bring on the vino.

In one of my favorite trendlets to hit the D.C. dining scene, bona fide wine bars are popping up like Champagne corks on New Year's Eve. (Yes, I had to go there.)

I ducked into the brand new Veritas last night and ran into a veritable who's who of local wine gurus, who were also checking the place out. It's tiny but comfortable and is the kind of casual place we ought to have more of ... and will soon.

The same owners will open Enology next year in the former Zebra Lounge space at 3238 Wisconsin Ave. On 14th Street, construction is under way at Cork (more details here).

And Melissa McCart reports for The Express that yet another oeno-monikered spot is on the way. Vinoteca is slated to open soon near 11th and U streets, according to the post. Read more on her personal blog here.


JNo said...

Definitely a "boom" I can get behind.

I think there may a mini chocolate boom too, there is a place called Locolat opening on the corner of Florida and U, where the Mint fitness center is. Specializing in belgian chocolates and get this- pastries of all things. ;)

Amanda said...

So you can leave the gym and make sure to recoup any lost calories? I like that idea. =)

(Check out my story on local chocolatiers in this month's DC magazine.)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news that Zebra Lounge is being made over into a wine bar... especially because I live 2 blocks away. :) One of the reasons I love my neighborhood is because of its restaurants, so this is just icing on the cake for those of us who live in the vicinity. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I'm a wine lover, so it's just for me!

Anonymous said...

Interesting article in DC magazine. You should also mention the other chocolatiers and shops in and around DC, (as there are many more than there were mentioned) namely J Chocolatier, Christopher's Confections, Chocolaterie Wanders and Biagio Fine Chocolates (chocolate shop in Adams Morgan).

katty said...

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