P Street Restaurants Need Help

The ongoing construction on P Street just west of Dupont Circle is reportedly having a devastating effect on local restaurants.

The owners of Mark and Orlando's, Montsouris and Pesce all report a damaging drop in business, according to a story in this week's Dupont Current. Mark Medley of Mark and Orlando's says there's a 50-50 chance his restaurant will have to close, and Veronique Onteniente of Montsouris says she's not sure the French bistro will outlast the construction. The Fractured Prune already hightailed it for greener pastures.

The Current paper not only has a story dedicated to the construction-prompted problems but also includes an ad taken out by ANC 2B Commissioner Mike Silverstein that states: "This is Not a Call to Arms ... It's a Call to Dinner!!!" The ad cites a 60 percent or more drop in business for some P Street occupants.

It would be a shame to see any of these restaurants go, so take some of your dining dollars over to P Street. And remember, that second bottle of wine and dessert is all in the name of neighborhood support!


MeMc said...

I just walked by there this week. There are so many boarded up businesses, it looks like that Alberto's fire hit the entire street.

Though metro and bike makes it easy enough to get there, I wish there were a temporary valet on 21st or something where people who would drive could drop their car so that they could actually get there and wouldn't have to deal with the added aggravation of having to drive and or park on or near those restaurants. It's enough to just have to walk on it, with several blocks worth of sidewalk unavailable closer to the circle side. It's tough to even get to the door of Montsouris and Co. right now.

Anonymous said...

This is really a sad state of affairs. There are a ton of great restaurants on this street and it would be a shame to see them go. Many of these are my go to neighborhood spots. People should certainly consider having dinner at Mark and Orlando's...either upstairs or downstairs. They have delicious food and friendly service.

I would add to the list my favorite neighborhood sushi restaurant, Sakana. They seem to be doing pretty good business, but you never know. I will be devistated if many of these spots close down.

Anonymous said...

In terms of the valet I'm almost positive I've seen one parked outside of either Pesce/Sala Thai or Mark and Orlandos. You should call and double check this.

There are also a number of hotels on the street or the street over where you can possibly park your car for a few hours through their hotel valet service.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. As a resident living just one block from the P ST construction, the two block stretch between 20th and 22nd looks like a war zone, and between the fire at Albertos, 21P sitting empty, the old Third Day/District Hardware painted closed and now the Fractured Prune shuttering up, I don't see it getting much better, despite reassurances from our city officials. It really is sad, especialy since Montsouris and Mark and Orlandos are quite good.

Anonymous said...

pesce would do better with lower prices. didn't they used to be moderately priced? now everything is $28 a plate - those aren't neighborhood prices!

DC Food said...

Clearly the construction was a pain for those who drive and walk in the area, but I agree that some of the blame is on quality to price ratio, look at Oblisk and Brickskeller, they don't seem to be having any trouble at all, because they are providing a level of service and food appropriate to the price they charge.



Anonymous said...

WOW! I was looking for MIMI's and noticed it changed to STARS. That 21P closing must not be too good for business either. After checking out the Menu at STARS, we ventured in (4 of us), and were pleasantly surprised. The food was so excellent, and the singing waiters - a phenomenal treat. Oh! and another thing, the Bartender and the Pianist (two hotties).