P Street Restaurants Need Help

The ongoing construction on P Street just west of Dupont Circle is reportedly having a devastating effect on local restaurants.

The owners of Mark and Orlando's, Montsouris and Pesce all report a damaging drop in business, according to a story in this week's Dupont Current. Mark Medley of Mark and Orlando's says there's a 50-50 chance his restaurant will have to close, and Veronique Onteniente of Montsouris says she's not sure the French bistro will outlast the construction. The Fractured Prune already hightailed it for greener pastures.

The Current paper not only has a story dedicated to the construction-prompted problems but also includes an ad taken out by ANC 2B Commissioner Mike Silverstein that states: "This is Not a Call to Arms ... It's a Call to Dinner!!!" The ad cites a 60 percent or more drop in business for some P Street occupants.

It would be a shame to see any of these restaurants go, so take some of your dining dollars over to P Street. And remember, that second bottle of wine and dessert is all in the name of neighborhood support!