B9 Dishes Out Free Short Ribs Thursday

Chef Michael Harr of Butterfield 9 has issued a challenge — a challenge that involves free food. My favorite kind.

From 6 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, the restaurant will dish out small portions of the chef's short ribs with truffle grits (above). Head to the bar area for your free serving.

The catalyst for the taste-test challenge was a comment from Don Rockwell, who liked the dish but complained that the ribs were cold inside. Harr is fiercely protective of his ribs and wants people to come try the dish for themselves.

(Hey Don, think you could also trigger a free tasting of some other delicious dishes around town? Central's burger? Comet's pizza?)


monkeyrotica said...

Restaurant Eve does some amazing braised ribs. Never been cold either.

Rachel said...

I went to this the other day, and the meat was insanely good. I applaud this kind of PR maneuver: it makes lemonade out of lemons! One off night is sometimes just one off night, after all.