(Double) Five Bites on Friday

Metrocurean reader Katie Vlietstra offers the first round of Five Bites to whet your appetite on this dreary day.

1. Shrimp and grits at Creme (for brunch)

2. Mini doughnuts at PS 7's

3. Steak burrito bol at Chipotle

4. Mini burgers at Matchbox

5. Chanterelle-English pea risotto at Sonoma

The second serving of bites comes from Peter Ogburn, executive producer of The Bill Press Show.

1. Margaritas with salt air at Oyamel ("Pretentious — yes. Delicious — absolutely," he says.)

2. Tuna tartar sliders at PS 7's

3. Biscuits with pepper jelly at Acadiana

4. Cheese puffs (gougeres) at Central

5. Wild mushroom dosa at Indebleu

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