New On The Scene: Veranda, Marvin, Hudson

Admittedly, I've been too busy scarfing down delicious pizzas at Comet and entertaining guests with grasshopper tacos at Oyamel to scout out the newcomers in my very own neighborhood.

Fortunately, enterprising fellow bloggers are on the case. First up, Renew Shaw grabbed a table at Veranda earlier this week and liked what he saw. The new spot at 11th and P streets Northwest offers a Mediterranean menu with options like pita pizza topped with lamb carpaccio and feta, grilled red snapper with black olive vermouth sauce, and pan-seared sea scallops with squid ink pasta and saffron curry sauce.

Meanwhile, Prince of Petworth snaps some shots inside 14th and U street's new Marvin. His mention of a $15 burger sparked a full-on snark fest from commenters. But get this: there's an outdoor bar! On the back of a former Subway! Now that's an impressive transformation.

According to the CityPaper, the name is a nod to owner Eric Hilton's musical role model, Marvin Gaye. Hilton is one half of DC's world famous music duo Thievery Corporation.

Down in the West End, Hudson opens to the public Thursday. Read more here.


matt said...


Do you really like the grasshopper tacos at Oyamel? I tried one - once, and found the little creatures to be drowning in a sweet, smokey, barbecue sauce that might have worked for pulled pork, but failed to bring out the delicate nuances in the spiracles (a prized body part), and perhaps more importantly, the tarsi.

In all seriousness, I can see doing this once to entertain guests, but as a regulat habit?


Don Rockwell

Shaw Rez said...

haha... I must agree that the grasshopper tacos will not be a repeat for me.

Glad I got to share pizza at Comet with y'all recently--was so much fun and, as always, delicious!

Veranda also has brunch, btw. I hope to check it out this Sunday.

Amanda said...

This was my second grasshopper experience, and this time they were SPICY. Like hot, hot, hot. Last time I just remember crunchy stuff on top of a bed of guacamole.

Don't worry, I'm not making a regular habit of it. = )

Krystal said...

Marvin was less than impressive. I went opening night so I was ready to be very forgiving. But after they (by 8pm) were already out of two of their entrees I was a bit put off since the menu was so limited to begin with. They still didn't have a wine list (no biggie since it was night numero Uno) but then when we did order a bottle, the server didn't know how to Open the bottle let alone how to offer a taste then server the wine.
Of course here comes the check...and the wine was not on there but 7 orders of Peach Cobbler were listed...apparently this is the universal equivalent to a bottle of wine. this actually added up to 20 dollars more than the bottle actually cost.
The server quickly blamed management, but once speaking the the GM it was taken off the check.
I will go again, for drinks on the rooftop sans Dinner!

Anonymous said...

Veranda was a less than what I had hoped. I'd compare it to Zorbas in Dupont except four times as expensive and not as good. I don't see this place surviving long. It's too bad.

Anonymous said...

Veranda may be nice come summer, but without the outside seating it's clostrophobic. Do they deliver? I'd consider it for take-out though it's rather pricey.

Amanda said...

I'd give these places a little more time to settle in before passing too harsh a judgment.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I ate at Veranda last night and thought it was wonderful. Loved the lamb shank and the cheese plate!