A Thai Take On Sushi

I don't know about you, but when I see a restaurant awning advertising one too many genres of food — say pizza, seafood, Chinese and subs — I get a little sketched out.

But there seems to be a workable affiliation brewing between Thai restaurants and sushi joints around town.

The U Street location of Sala Thai is adding a separate sushi bar right next door (pictured) that may open as early as tonight. The space looks nice, with a small sushi bar offering stools, a few tables and a discreet doorway leading into Sala Thai's larger dining room.

There are plenty of places that serve both Thai food and sushi. But this is the second ownership crossover for separate restaurants I know of: Gallery Place's Sushi-Go-Round and Thai Chili also share an owner.

Is it a natural extension of the pan-Asian cuisine Americans have grown to love? Or a path to mediocre sushi?


julie said...


It remains to be seen but places such as these tend to be of the "hey, sushi is popular, let's make more money" variety. Adding a Thai-flavor to a piece of sushi does not a pan-Asian dish make, it more likely degrades both the Thai and the Japanese cuisines they're spawned from.

monkeyrotica said...

There are 2 pizza/subs/chinese/seafood places off Bladensburg Road in NE. One has excellent subs but the rest is middling; the other, damn good fried chicken wings, and everything else is blah. So chances are, at least they can do ONE thing right.

The multi-cuisine places do it because when you go with a group, there's always someone who tags along but doesn't like that particular cuisine. This is why you have Chinese places that sell spaghetti and meatballs.