Get Festive With Fish

Heaven knows I eat too much meat around the holidays. Scratch that. I eat too much meat all year. And we all know that the fish-heavy Mediterranean diet is touted as one of the healthiest on the planet.

That's why I love the Italian holiday tradition of the Feast of Seven Fishes. You get to feel indulgent even though you're eating some pretty healthy food. Two of DC's best Italian restaurants are offering a fish feast over the holidays.

At downtown's D'Acqua (pictured above), you can dine on a multi-course seven fishes menu through Dec. 31. “As a child I recall spending an entire day traveling between fish markets with my mother to select all of the fish for the feast,” says the restaurant's chef and co-owner Enzo Febbraro. “Don’t dare have less than seven different fish on the table. More is great, but it had better be at least seven,” he says.

D'Acqua's eight-course menu, priced at $75, offers pan-fried oysters with black truffles and prosecco flavored sauvignon; cured smoked salmon with pear and mustard sauce; seared scallops with prosciutto, roasted garlic and saba sauce; and seafood ragout in a lobster and creme reduction sauce, among other pesce dishes.

Meanwhile, Dino's Feast of Seven Fishes menu will be available starting tonight through Dec. 24. The five-course menu is priced at $59, and offers Venetian-style crostini di baccala, grilled shrimp and calamari salad and, as an entree choice, ravioli filled with scallop and artichoke with truffle butter.