New Year's Day Eats

Options for New Year's Eve have been thoroughly covered, and if you still don't have a plan, check out the links in the upper right column.

But let's just say that you go easy on the bubbly, and getting dressed and leaving the house on New Year's Day is actually a goal you aspire to. Where to find sustenance?

Nage has cooked up a creative and curative promo, offering Gatorade cocktails and an over-the-top dish dubbed the morning-after kill it skillet that piles on truffled mac and cheese, fried potatoes topped with chorizo and a sunny-side up egg (pictured above). Three Gatorade cocktails will be featured, including the Orange Electro-Lytesaver, a mix of Orange Gatorade, Bacardi Limon and ginger ale. Stop in from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call 202.293.8000 for reservations.

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