Pig Product: Chop't Smoky Bacon Dressing

When the Year of the Pig began back in February, I wrote this post with intentions of pointing out piggy goodness for the months to come. Though I've enjoyed my fair share of the other white meat this year, I've fallen down on the pork reporter job — my last porcine post was back in March on these slightly creepy bacon mints.

With only about two months before the completely unappetizing Year of the Rat begins, I'm bringing back the failed feature with this shout out to the delightful Smoky Bacon Russian dressing (at left) at DC newcomer Chop't.

The recently opened salad shop in Penn Quarter is a great place to score a healthy meal, with fresh greens galore and plenty of flavorful fat-free dressings to choose from.

But (thankfully) the menu does not deny customers the American right to make something inherently healthy utterly fattening by drenching it in creamy dressing.

This particular creamy dressing packs some serious bacon flavor and nice tanginess. Even better, it's a sneaky way to get bits of bacon on your salad without actually having to admit that you like bacon bits on your salad. (I sampled many of the dressings available at Chop't at a recent media preview.)

Look for Chop't and its snazzy dressings in a neighborhood near you soon. With the first DC shop open at 730 7th St. NW, owners Tony Shure and Colin McCabe will follow with locations at 1300 Connecticut Ave. NW and in Rosslyn at 1735 N. Lynn St.