Pintxos: Back By Popular Demand

What is a pintxo, you ask?

From Spain, home to the greatest grazers in the world, the pintxo (PEEN-cho) is a small bite tapa from the Basque region's San Sebastian, usually served on a toothpick or a slice of bread. In other words, the perfect food with cocktails.

Starting Dec. 17, Jaleo is bringing back happy hour pintxos, after they proved so popular during the restaurant's Pintxos Festival in October. The little snacks will be available every Monday from 5-7 p.m. for $1.50 each at all three Jaleo locations. Among the pintxo fans back in October was The Washington Post's Food section, which highlighted the bites here.

The pintxos will be presented at the bar. Choices include mojama con pipirrana, salt cured tuna with cucumbers, green peppers and tomatoes; pulpo a la gallega, boiled octopus with paprika and olive oil; anchoas con piquillo y queso de cabra, Spanish anchovy with "piquillo" peppers and goat cheese; and escalivada con caña de cabra, roasted vegetables with caña de cabra goat cheese.

Also available at the bar every day from 5-7 p.m. are $3.50 drinks, including red sangria by the glass, house red wine or white wine by the glass, draft beer and rail drinks.

(Photo courtesy Jaleo.)