Guilt-Free Sparkling Water

I love sparkling water. But now that bottled water has been denounced as decidedly eco-unfriendly, I feel guilty every time I order it, imagining the green police tsking over my shoulder.

Thanks to progressive minds at local restaurants, I can now have my bubbles guilt-free.

I first spotted AquaHealth's house-filtered sparkling water at Poste (pictured above). The latest spot to offer the elegant refillable bottles? The brand new (and piping hot) Cork Wine Bar. (They're also serving my new favorite fries, liberally sprinkled with an addictive mix of lemon zest, parsley and salt.)

The AquaHealth system allows restaurants to filter water on-site, add optional carbonation and pour it into reusable glass bottles.

Spotted AquaHealth anywhere else around town?


Kylie said...

I have not, but I have a system to make my own sparkling water at home! It is really great because I pretty much only drink water if it is sparkling, plus its very "green"!

Amanda said...

I read Marian Burros' article about sparkling water at home, but do tell - what system do you have?

Jason said...

That's great! Like you, I've also felt guilty since realizing what an impact to the environment drinking imported water has. It made me very happy when I recently discovered that Crystal Geyser also makes sparking mineral water at World Market. According to their website, http://www.crystalgeyser.com/smw/cgw_smw.html , that's currently the only place you can get it on the east coast. But perhaps with a little time and support, it'll be available in more stores!

Jason said...

...by the way, I know your post was about ALL bottled water, but Crystal Geyser has done a lot to reduce it's environmental "footprint" and imho, if you don't have your own 'at home system' it's certainly an improvement over drinking Perrier or San Pellegrino.

Kylie said...


that is where I got my system. You can also make soda.