Looking For A Flame Fix

I miss the fireplace in my old living room so much it hurts. Particularly in my toes, which get really cold when the lame forced air heat in my place shuts off. So I have to look elsewhere for my flame fix.

By far my favorite fireplace in the city is the one in the Tabard Inn's sitting room. When it comes to old school romance, you can't beat 1789's main dining room, with a crackling fire (pictured above). Sonoma's upstairs lounge is another favorite of mine.

The most stylish fireplace in town has to be Oya's. The long line of fire, inset in a giant white marble wall, may be more for show than actual warmth, but you still get a cozy vibe seated near it.

Where are your favorite restaurant fireplaces?

(1789 photo by Ron Blunt.)