Monkey See, Monkey Eat

Let Ruth Gresser (above) of Pizzeria Paradiso show you how to make pizza. Acadiana's Chris Clime walks you through a recipe for Louisiana barbecue shrimp, and Hook's Barton Seaver will give you a lesson in pan-searing striped bass.

The videos are all part of MonkeySee, a new web site chock full of how-to videos. A number of DC chefs are featured in the Food and Drink section of the site.

To point out a few more videos of note, Mike Isabella from Zaytinya demonstrates spanakopita, and a no-bake cheesecake is offered up by David Guas, who now runs DamGoodSweet Consulting and was formerly the executive pastry chef for DC Coast, TenPenh, Ceiba and Acadiana. A great recipe for roast chicken comes from Shannon Overmiller of The Majestic.

Check it out. You may learn a thing or two.


Sally Rally said...

Finally...Barton Seaver in my bedroom!

monkeyrotica said...

I don't know what they're doing at Majestic, but I've had their roast chicken twice and both times it came out dryer than Oscar Wilde. And they're brining it and buttering it and everything. Bewildering.

April said...

I don't make my NE clam chowder with pancetta like Travis Timberlake of DC Coast, but it sure looks tasty in his video. Thanks for this!

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