Viridian Closes After Two Years

Neighbors and food lovers alike are buzzing with the sad news that 14th Street's Viridian has closed. A sign outside the door announces the closure and thanks patrons for their support.

What's too bad is that just last week, I added the restaurant to my list of places I'm currently eating. I wrote: "After one too many changes early on (chef shuffling, shifting menu focus) and inconsistent service, I had sort of written Viridian off. I'm glad to say I've had some delicious meals there recently, as well as some nicely crafted cocktails. Chef Michael Hartzer, formerly of Citronelle and Ray's the Classics, took over in early 2007, and I'm glad he stuck around. An attractive new partition in the back makes the dining room less vacuous and creates a nice private dining nook."

Oh well. I'll be listening out for where Hartzer heads next and hoping the space (one of the closest restaurants to Metrocurean headquarters) doesn't stay empty for long.