DC Chefs Heat Up Iceland

It was a happening week in Iceland thanks to the annual Food and Fun Festival, which prompted a culinary invasion of some of the world's most talented chefs.

DC was well represented by chefs RJ Cooper of Vidalia, Kaz Okochi of Kaz Sushi Bistro and Cliff Wharton of TenPenh, all of whom competed in the festival's cooking competition. Though they didn't snag any awards, the food looked delicious. The chefs were also paired with Reykjavik restaurants where they created special menus and cooked during the festival.

Chefs Jeff Tunks (Acadiana, Ceiba, TenPenh, DC Coast) and Robert Wiedmaier (Marcel's, Brasserie Beck) served as judges on the distinguished international panel that also included New York chef Gray Kunz and New Orleans chef John Besh.

Metrocurean was there as the chefs went grocery shopping for ingredients, hit the famous Blue Lagoon and invaded the hot spots of Reykjavik's decidedly cosmopolitan downtown. Despite the country's chilly name, Icelanders were a warm and hospitable bunch. With its lava fields and snow covered mountains, the country is truly unlike any other. To learn more or plan a trip, check out this web site.

(Metrocurean photos.)