Five Bites on Friday

For today's edition of Five Bites, Nycci Nellis, friend of Metrocurean and publisher of, offers lists from two metrocureans in training: her son, Eli (7), and her daughter, Tessa (5).

1. Lobster moilee with ginger, green chile and coconut milk and a side order of garlic naan and herbs to soak up the sauce at Rasika

2. Any cupcake that Josh Short bakes at Buzz Bakery (bumblebee cupcakes pictured at right)

3. Deviled eggs to start followed by a Mia’s pizza with prosciutto at Mia's Pizzas

4. A bowl of lomo saltado at Las Canteras

5. Heather Chittum’s Tic Tac Toe dessert plate — chocolate whoopie pies filled with housemade marshmallow fluff and vanilla shortbread X’s — at Hook

Children can join the Five Bites fun, too! Let Metrocurean readers know which dishes you or your little ones are enjoying around town by e-mailing five of your favorite dishes or drinks and whether you'd like your name and a picture included to metrocurean AT gmail DOT com.