Kick Off Chinese New Year At The Source

Tuesday is hogging all the attention this week being both Fat and "Super." What about lil' old Thursday? It's the start of the Chinese New Year, and like so many holidays, a great excuse to indulge in a feast.

Head to the city's top spot for upscale Asian cooking, The Source, where chef Scott Drewno (at right) has created a seven-course menu for the holiday, infused with superstition and tradition.

Lobster and shrimp spring rolls symbolize gold bars, and Hong Kong-style bass with five vegetable stir fry represents longevity, riches, peace, wisdom and virtue, the five blessings of the New Year. The golden pineapple sticky cake served at the meal's end should make sure the Chinese Kitchen God will say nice things about your family.

The menu costs $100 per person, $175 with wine pairings. Call 202.637.6100 for reservations.

(Photo by Darko Zagar.)


Washington Cube said...

I started it off with creating a cocktail. Year of the Rat(fink).
Gung hay fat choy!

monkeyrotica said...

At those prices, I hope they've addressed their service issues.

bobgoatcheese said...

$175 per person with wine pairings? With a tip that's $420 for two? Wow.

bistro aprons said...

this is very expensive for a food. i can buy 2dozen of aprons with that price.

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