New On The Scene

Be sure to check out updates to the Newly Opened list, including Ici (pictured above), a modern French bistro that replaces Cafe 15 in the Sofitel Lafayette Square. Other noteworthy newcomers include Cork, Café Tropé, Jackson 20 and Fontaine Caffe and Creperie.


JNo said...

Stopped in Cork the other night. I was really impressed, you would never know that Sparky's was there at one time, it feels very European. That said, it was crowded and loud! I will check it out on a weeknight. Looks like people have really been waiting a for this one.

Ramona said...

I went to Jackson 20 opening night and actually had a nice time! It was packed but we were able to get a seat at the bar and waited maybe 20-25 minutes for a table. The place has really got promise with it's Southern menu and it's really hot location on King St.
I'd like to go back just to sample some of the bar food offerings. In the dining area-the meatloaf and fried chicken are really good.