Oceanaire Dishes Up Season's First Shad

On the East Coast, seafood enthusiasts look forward to the appearance of shad and its roe as a harbinger of spring. As waters warm, the fish swim into freshwater from the ocean to spawn, then we catch 'em and eat 'em.

You can find some of the season's first shad at Oceanaire, where chef Rob Klink is offering pan-fried shad and shad roe with crisped bacon, asparagus and citrus buerre blanc (pictured above) for $28.95. “Shad has a wonderful, hearty, slightly earthy flavor, that suggested the sauce in this dish," says Klink. "The roe and bacon anchor the dish, and the tart citrus flavor and tender-sweet asparagus make it sprightly and delicious.”

Guests can also order just the roe for $28 or just the fish for $25.