Last week Slate published a story on an $11,000 commercial coffee maker getting a lot of buzz (sorry, pun not intended). The Clover machine (at right) brews one cup of regular coffee at a time.

Slate writer Paul Adams says: "The immediate consequence of the Clover and its precision isn't necessarily better coffee, but more attention to coffee. By creating this rigorous laboratorylike brewing environment, it encourages cafes to explore the nuances of different beans, where and how they're grown and dried and sorted and roasted. And the attention to nuance gets passed along to the customers..."

Want to see what all the Clover fuss is about? Head to the new Grape + Bean in Alexandria. Blogger Jacob Grier is occasionally behind the counter at the new coffee and wine shop and writes about the wonders of the Clover here, complete with pictures.

Grape + Bean
118 South Royal St., Alexandria