Five Bites on Friday

Today's Five Bites are from Mary Cunningham, a seafood lover.

1. Camarones a la Limeña (sautéed shrimp in garlic, butter and white wine) at Las Canteras (at right)

2. Granchi de fiume pasta (crawfish and lobster sauce) at Vapiano

3. Crab bisque at Ray's the Classics

4. Moules biere blanc (mussels with cream, bacon and leeks) at Dr. Granville Moore's

5. Crunchy calamari at Zengo

Call for Five Bites! My Five Bites pantry is about to be bare! Let Metrocurean readers know which dishes you're enjoying around town by e-mailing five of your favorite dishes or drinks and whether you'd like your name and a picture included to metrocurean AT gmail DOT com.

(Photo by Anne McDonough.)