Opening A Restaurant? Reality TV Is Calling

The restaurant industry has been fertile ground for reality TV (see "Top Chef," "Hell's Kitchen," and the hot mess that was genre pioneer "The Restaurant"). NBC, network of the latter, is headed to DC on March 22 to cast for a new restaurant reality show.

From the casting call: "Have you and your spouse, friend, family member, business associate or colleague dreamed of opening your own restaurant? Is one of you a whiz in the kitchen while the other is a front of the house superstar? Do you have what it takes to open and run a successful restaurant? Has financing always been a problem?"

If so, they want to meet you and "help make your dream come true."

The show doesn't have a name yet, but the material implies that a financial prize is at stake. At least, I assume that's the dream-come-true part.

For more details on the casting, held at the Sofitel from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., click here.

So, if you were opening a restaurant in DC, what would it be?


elle kasey said...

It is so mundane, but I would open a huge salad bar restaurant. I went to one in Colorado that was basically a salad smorgasbord. I can't think of anything that reaches that level here.

Anonymous said...

Please, no more cupcakes.

CTK said...

Golden Corral has an awesome salad bar.

julie said...

hot mess? oh amanda, you're great.

anon's exasperation with cupcakes proves to me that you probably couldn't go wrong with opening another cupcake bakery. on that token, i'm totally over mussels/belgian/seafood and pizza places.

i wouldn't mind seeing a traditional japanese restaurant (RIP chez mama-san) or ramen-ya, kinda like momofuku/ssam.

Tony said...

I would do "Eclectic American". Seasonal, As much locally produced as possible.

Anonymous said...

Interresting but not an original idea. BBC America has a similar show called Last Restuarant Standing: "Embarking on an emotional rollercoaster, nine couples compete for one restaurant and the backing of a world-renowned chef in BBC America's all new U.S. premiere series, Last Restaurant Standing. Raymond Blanc, the award-winning owner of a two Michelin-star restaurant, gives just one couple the chance to live their culinary dream.

It seems so simple. Many of us can cook. We've all been to restaurants. We all think we know what people like to eat. But this new show is an uncompromising and entertaining insight into the real world of restaurant management. Over 15 episodes, Raymond puts nine couples through their paces to see if they have what it takes to run their own eatery."