Proof Stays Up Late

Ever heard a bigger-city transplant complain about how early DC goes to bed? Well, times they are a changing, and staying out late just got tastier.

Aiming to satisfy after-hours appetites, Proof recently unveiled a late-night menu, served Thursday through Saturday from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Among the dishes on offer: drunken grilled cheese on brioche ($11), foie gras scrambled eggs with toasted brioche and truffle butter ($11), a spicy meatball sandwich with marinara and buffalo mozzarella ($12), and pictured above, ahi tuna tartare ($13).

Watch your back, jumbo slice ...

(Photo by Darko Zagar.)


tom said...

just found this site today -- great stuff!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Tom.

Come back now, ya hear?

tom said...

I will, already did today -- and added you to my blogroll at personalwinebuyer.com.

Anonymous said...

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Elyssa said...

Is there a link to the late night Proof menu? Sounds delicious....I hope more restaurants catch on to this trend.

Amanda said...

They don't have the menu up online but here was the last version I received:
Drunken Grilled Cheese/White Wine/Garlic/Pullman Brioche $11

Foie Gras Scrambled Eggs/Toasted Brioche/Truffle Butter $ 11

Ahi Tuna Tartare/Nori Tempura/Hass Avocado $13

Crispy Shrimp Tempura/Bangkok Slaw/Sambal Aoili $ 13

Spicy Meatball Sandwich/Marinara/Buffalo Mozzerella $ 12

Wagyu Steak & Cheese/Maitake Mushrooms/Jalapeno Mayo $ 13

G8 Dog/Purple Potato Salad $9

The Humble Gourmand said...

Can't WAIT to try the grilled cheese and meatball sandwich. Wonder what a G8 dog is, though... Any idea?

Amanda said...

From owner Mark Kuller:
The G8 dog is a 1/4 pound all beef Kosher Hot Dog made by Best Provisions in Chicago - for my money the best hot dogs in the world. G8 is a reference to our location at 8th and G (and to the economic summit).

The Humble Gourmand said...

Ah, got it. Guess it would have been a pretty wonky name for a hot dog if it was a geopolitical reference.