To Do: Butterfield 9's Lemonade Stand

Butterfield 9 is adding a kick to a childhood tradition. Each Tuesday from 5 to 7 p.m., the restaurant is hosting a lemonade stand happy hour with complimentary snacks at the bar.

Fresh-squeezed lemonade cocktails, each $10, include the Lemonade Sunset with brandy and creme de cassis, the Brandy Apple Lemonade Cooler with cherry brandy and sour apple liquor, and the Verde Lemontini with vodka, triple sec and parsley.

Chef Michael Harr will offer various seasonal snacks, such as housemade pork sausage with grilled apricots and fried artichokes and yucca fries.


julie said...

this reminds me of the specialty drinks and snacks at equinox. if the drinks and snacks are half as good as they are there (and i am a fan of b9, so i'm inclined to say yes) - this will be fantastic.

thanks, amanda!

marty said...

Hey Amanda,
I just wanted you to know that the new Sushi Ko is now serving Kobe Beef strip loin appetizer and entree special. The meat is amazing.